The Letter Marathon
2023 / SHORTLIST ADC CZ for Amnesty International

Client: Amnesty International

The Letter-Writing Marathon is the largest human rights event globally. Amnesty's goal is to annually engage the public to write as many letters as possible to assist specific individuals unjustly imprisoned, persecuted, or oppressed. Every year, people worldwide send millions of handwritten letters urging the release of individuals who have suffered injustice during the same period. In over a third of cases, positive change is achieved—often involving gaining access to healthcare, permission for family visits, or meetings with lawyers. 
In numerous instances, the prisoners are directly released.

The Czech branch of the human rights movement Amnesty International, in collaboration with the VMLY&R agency, launched a campaign for the annual Letter-Writing Marathon, which aids political prisoners and others unjustly incarcerated. The spot focuses on humanity, illustrating that every individual can contribute to saving human lives. The campaign was featured on television screens, in cinemas, and on social media, where it garnered support from selected influencers, culminating on International Human Rights Day.
Key visual translation & explanation:
Headline: People like you are un-important 
Explanation: the “un“ is on the flipping side of the envelope suggesting that once the letter is opened, the envelope only has the word “important“ written on it.

Supporting copy.
The campaign aimed not only to inform about the entire event but, more importantly, to motivate as many people as possible to write letters. Many may believe that composing a single letter won't make a difference, but we aimed to demonstrate the opposite—that such letters have a significant impact. We chose a realistic format to convey the right emotions, highlighting how these letters can improve the conditions of imprisonment or even secure the freedom of individuals who, in a democratic country, would never be imprisoned.
Agency: VMLY&R Prague | Executive Creative Director: Miloš Kočí | Art Director: Alena Srostlikova | Copywriter: Dušan Koutský | Account Director: Ondřej Duka
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