An Impactful Elevation of Art Direction
Client: Fenix Shopping Mall

A thorough and impactful elevation of the brand thanks to thoughtful art direction (offline & online).

In order to uplift the brand I was chosen to be the art director in charge of all campaigns. The task was huge because the brand lacked recognizable visual style and felt very outdated.

I was able to bring a new perspective to the project and build a new visual direction from the ground up while staying in quite a low budget. Since I was in charge of the campaigns from ideation to photoshooting, I was able to introduce new approaches thru careful selection of new photographic approaches, colour palettes, costumes, cast, locations, etc. 

Thanks to that, I carried out a new and impactful visual style that sets Fenix ​​Shopping Mall apart from it's competitors. We were then successfully able to not only raise the number of visitors but also (and more importantly) the image of the Fenix Shopping Mall brand.
Client: NC Fénix | Agency: VMLY&R Prague | Creative & Art Direction: Alena Srostlikova | Copywriter: Alena Srostlikova, Ondrej Doskocil, Johnny Gaponenko, Dana Nerudova | Account Manager: Michaela Vlcanova, Linda Capova | Photography: Jakub Koutny | Production: Tomas Tomasek
Before I started working on the brand in 2021, the art direction looked like this:
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