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Personal projects. 

I strategically invested in a distressed property situated in a picturesque landscape, recognizing its vast potential to transform into a highly successful wedding venue, offering exceptional return on investment (ROI). To optimize this potential, I engaged in a collaborative effort with an emerging architect, leveraging both our talents to enhance the property's overall appeal and functionality.

Taking on the role of an art director, I was also responsible for the visual direction of the project. This encompassed creating a comprehensive brief that encapsulated both the vision and the goals. Beyond that, I was hands-on with design work and execution of all marketing materials; I ensured that the property's unique features were highlighted in a visually compelling manner to convey its full potential to potential investors.

The property has been successfully divested at a remarkable increase of 160% from its original purchase price. This outstanding financial outcome reflects not only the strategic investment decisions made during the acquisition but also the careful planning and execution of value-enhancing initiatives.
A both horizontal and vertical video was shot in order to use cuts for social media purposes as well as Youtube and real estate websites.
A booklet for investors was meticulously designed to convey all key aspects, with a focus on the project's wedding-centric theme. Notably, a considerable number of the investors that were interested in buying were female entrepreneurs. Therefore, the initial design approach featuring soft pastel colors and a serif font played a pivotal role and proved to be a well-tailored and effective choice.
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