All You Need To Know
Client: McDonald's

Brief: McDonald’s at a Start-up and Business Conference wanted to let attendees know, that owning a franchise is profitable. 

Insight: We thought attendees will be the types to look for good money deals. These people also tend to love graphs and need unambiguous information to make up their minds. Idea: The use of Big Mac Index (a well-known economy symbol) to illustrate how easy it is to get your business going and money rolling! Project Budget: Eeeh.

We also created a booklet for newbies explaining the step-by-step process of buying and opening a McDonald's franchise.
Client: McDonald’s | Agency: DDB Prague | Creative Director: Radovan Hadj Moussa | Art Director: Alena Srostlikova | Copy: Art Director (Copywriter was on vacation, probably eating Big Macs)

Thanks for your attention. Let me know when you buy a franchise!
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