Dessert Campaigns
Client: McDonald's Czech Republic and Slovakia

What sets this part of the portfolio apart is the transformative approach I implemented when tasked with overseeing the sweet campaign category for McDonald's. Prior to my role as the art director responsible for the category, it primarily consisted either of classic product shots against a white background or a bit outdated style (see below). Recognizing the ample room for improvement, I strategically re-art directed the entire desserts category, infusing it with lifestyle imagery.

I am humbly glad to say that some of these seasonal dessert specials got sold out after a mere 1st week of the campaign. Which was 5 weeks sooner than expected. Thanks to that McDonald's was able to boost sales with upcoming specials by tens to hundreds of percent.

Last but not least, throughout 2016-2018 I had been able to establish McDonald's and McCafé as a top of mind place to get sweets among people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, which was a huge success not only among the EMEA region, but also globally. And it was all thanks to a well thought art direction and photography.
Agency: DDB Prague | Creative Director: Radouane Hadj Moussa | Head of Art: Jan Tomášek | Art Director: Alena Srostlikova | Copywriter: Nina Urminská | Account Manager: Nikola Bochová | Production: 2PM | Producer: Michaela Welzlová | Photography: Ondřej Košík | Food Styling: Lenka Táchová & Veronika Šlajerová
Before I got in charge of the seasonal dessert campaigns in 2016, the visual style had been following:
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