Free Coffee
Client: McDonald's

McDonald's wanted to rise the number of customers during breakfast hours. As an incentive, they offered coffee for which one could pay by smile. 

Art direction background:
I was able to create a soft and light key visual thanks to proper location scouting, combination of colours, costumes and casting. For the McDonald's brand in the Czech Republic this art direction was something completely new and uplifting. The image created a very welcoming perception and the number of morning visitors rose by almost 300%. 

Thought I am sure it has a lot to do with the words “coffee for free“.
Key Visual Translation

Headline: Coffee that costs only a smile
Subheadline: We love smiles. That's why we'll gladly reward you for yours.
Client: McDonald's | Agency: DDB Prague | Creative Director: Radouane Hadj Moussa | Art Director: Alena Srostlikova | Copywriter: Nina Urminska | Account Manager: Ivana Martinkova | Photography: Hana Knížová
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